To give a voice of hope, love, strife and strength to the writers of the Himalayan terrain, especially Kumaon. Himalayan Echoes also aims to inculcate reading, writing and oratory skills in the hill folk as well as people in other parts of India, through various initiatives in the fields of art, culture and literature.

A unique confluence of words and powerful ideas in a most scenic setting, Himalayan Echoes: Kumaon Festival of Literature & Arts, brings together award-winning writers from India and across the world, as well as a distinct local flavour with established and fresh voices from Uttarakhand.
Unlike other such events, the festival is defined as much by the strength of its voices as with the intimate size of its gathering and the magical charm of its setting. It offers an opportunity to learn and enjoy one-to-one interactions with authors and experts in the fields of ecology, socio-cultural studies, art, music, cinema, sport and wildlife.

Namita Gokhale, Festival Advisor
Namita Gokhale is a writer, publisher and festival director. She is a literary genius from Kumaon and has authored fourteen books. Her acclaimed debut novel, Paro: Dreams of Passion, was published in 1984. The latest book, Things to Leave Behind has been described as her most ambitious novel till date. Gokhale is a founder and co-director of the Jaipur Literature Festival. She is also the director of Yatra Books, a publishing house which focuses on translations.
Janhavi Prasada, Director, Producer
Janhavi Prasada has directed four literature festivals so far at Abbotsford and she is hooked on doing many more in the region of Kumaon. A tech-peace activist who dabbles with outside art and dedicates her time to conserve and propagate literature, music, local textiles, regional food, heritage monuments and environment in Uttarakhand. Her first graphic novel for young adults on Mahatma Gandhi, Tales of Young Gandhi, was written by her at Abbotsford, her heritage country home in Nainital.
Kapil Dhawan, Brand Advisor
Kapil hails from the world of advertising and represents his award winning company - Tree Design as a co-founder in New Delhi. But his heart is also set in the mountains of Kumaon where he spends his out of office days in peace and serenity. His understanding of brands and giving them shape and life is borne from that serenity. He is also committed to the cause of working for social change in the remote regions and making a value driven impact in peoples lives.
Saif Mahmood, Festival Advisor
Saif Mahmood, an advocate at the Supreme Court of India, has his heart in the patronage of Urdu poetry from Ghalib to Daagh. He is associated with Himalayan Echoes since its inception and brings with him a balanced vision for propagation of new talent in the field of literature, music and arts.
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Arnab Chatterjee
Arnab Chatterjee is the co-founder of Tree Design, a communication and marketing company. He likes to break boundaries of work and contribute to the social fabric of our society in rural spaces with projects such as StreetAnchor.com, India’s first citizen-journalism portal.
Nishant Singhani, Videographer
With his five precious years of unmatchable experience he is driven to excel in all forms of life. He has been associated with Himalayan Echoes since its inception. Pursued commerce from the University of Delhi and kick-started his career in visual arts. The passion and skills for his craft have won him many awards. He aims to add value to the profession and create nothing but magic.
Kiwa Singh
Kiwa Singh is the versatile founder of Mountain Village Foundation, an NGO working towards providing opportunities to children and youth in Uttarakhand. In her spare time she tries a hand at making handicrafts and has been associated with Himalayan Echoes since the last 3 years.
Sandeep Rana
An ace photographer who has always been beating the odds, started as a photographer and has an engineering degree in his pocket. Expert in aerial cinematography, he knows exactly when his work needs 'the bird's eye view'.
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Ankita Singhal
Ankita Singhal is a lawyer, currently practicing in Allahabad, appearing in the High Court and other forums. A keen traveler, she is also an active member of Sahyog, an NGO which works towards the protection of child rights and women empowerment.
Sukhmoy Majumdar
Sukhmoy Majumdar currently works as System Analyst in the Advocate General’s Office, High Court of Uttarakhand. Technical Director at TAAL channel, docu-film making is a passion and photography a habit, he also engages in rock-climbing and conducts treks in the region.
Amitabh Baghel
Amitabh Baghel, has a keen interest in academics and social research, and writes on varied subjects like ecological conservation, tourism, gender issues and cinema. An avid photographer with a passion for Urdu poetry, Baghel is an active member of the Nainital Book Club.
Areeb Khan
Areeb Khan, is our youngest team member currently pursuing his studies in Hospitality Management at the Kumaon University (The Hermitage) Nainital. He is highly creative and has a keen eye for photography.
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Disclaimer: Himalayan Echoes is an environment mountain festival. Please support our cause by being vocal for local.